"Jeremy Worked It Out, And I Couldn't Say No"

"Originally I had not palnned on coming into any Kia dealers, but a friend of mine made me stop in. I found a car that I really liked on my first visit but it didn't quite work out. After almost a week of hardcore car searching, I found a few that were almost the perfect car... by they still didn't work out to be in the right price range for me. I gave up for a couple months and almost threw in the towel.

I found a car but the price was a little higher than I wanted to spend. Jeremy worked it out, and I couldn't say no, so now I am purchasing a car that will be an answer for my prayer to not only get me down to Georgia for my move, but will be a perfect vehicle for when I start my family shortly down the road! Thank you!

Danica P.
Tacoma, WA.

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