I live in Bellingham. It's 125 miles to Car Pros Tacoma. I have a Kia dealer in my town 3 miles away from my house. In April 2011 I was on my computer looking for a new Kia Sportage and met up with Ryan who worked in internet sales and we ended up working a deal over the phone. I got here April 27th and my Sportage was parked right in front of the building all shiny and great looking. Ryan took my trade over to have it appraised and he ended up giving me the amount we had agreed over the phone. So naturally having been treated that well, when I needed a bigger vehicle I came back to Car Pros. Now Ryan is a manager so he assigned Rhonda to help us find a car. We settled on a 2014 Kia Sorento and Ryan made us an excellent deal so I bought it! I would like to mention that Rhonda was very professional, courteous, and helpful. The whole buying experience because of the 2 of them was pleasant and without any stress. A most enjoyable experience!
- Gene Wowk

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