Car Pros Kia of Carson- The only car dealer where I buy motor vehicles! Why? because reason #1, These are the best cars on the market, in their class/categories. #2 We as customers are treated like family, not just customers. Why Car Pros Kia of Carson? The third and best reason I have to be a permanent patron of this establishment is because of a representative named Alvin "Alabama" Lovett. He has been catalyst and most important reason we continue to return for the purchase of yet another car or truck. As I sit here writing this I think about how Alabama has helped us get into each of our purchases or leases, making the grueling process easy. Were in our 15th Kia and 3rd Sorento- And we've loved each and every one. I am very fortunate and pleased that this Kia family Car Pros Kia of Carson has on their team. The best rep of all ALABAMA!

Aurelio Aguilar Jr.
Torrance, CA

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