In the process of purchasing my vehicle, (Kia Cadenza), it was fascinating to watch the amount of professionalism that the personnel at Kia-Car Pros utilized to deliver quality, top notch and superior vehicles, As Kia produce to their car buying customers. I am once again in the market for a car purchase. My previous, past and even recent experiences with Car Pros, prompt me to come back and make my new purchase without hesitation. Mr. Alvin (Alabama) Lovett seems to know exactly what we need. After listening to our needs for a particular use of a vehicle, in a matter of minutes, his ability to carefully listen and hear what we were saying, and then guiding us through our purchase is remarkable. I have purchased numerous vehicles at Car Pros, all handled expertly by Alabama, and he will continue to handle all of my purchased here at Car Pros.
Aurelio Aguilar
Torrance, CA

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