My fiance and I came to Car Pros Kia in Carson is hopes of beating the deal that we found at the Kia in downtown LA and we did! Not only was the salesperson, Edwardo super friendly, honest, and down to earth, he addressed each of our requests with the manager to make the sale. After an hour or so we actually felt like he was a friend.Then, we met Jasmin, the delivery specialist, who took the personal time to wipe and clean the ares on the car after it was washed. She also asked Martin to clean the windows that had spots on them and he never hesitated to do it and even cleaned other glass areas. Your teamwork here at Kia is impressive and we will definitely recommend others to your dealership. I might even consider applying for a part time job here as a delivery specialist. Thank you for proving that excellent customer service still exists in some places.

Janine Harris and Alan Richards
North Hollywood, CA

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