In 2008, I was in the market for my first new Jeep Wrangler. I had been researching the options and trying to  be well informed. My money comes hard and I like to be comfortable with what I'm getting  I went into a Jeep dealer and they didn't have what I was looking for, so they did a search and found what I wanted, so I have the choice to go forward. The pressure was pretty high, but I did decide on a price. Come to find out it was higher than the other two dealers I checked, but not too far off. I put the money down and signed. To make a long story shorter, the car I made the deal on didn't show and I didn't find out until I called a week later. I wanted to walk but I was told to choose another car or go to court! The people I was dealing with got a big attitude and they wouldn't return my down payment. So I did get a car and walked away with a super bad experience and a bad feeling about the whole thing. 5 years later, I was thinking about changing the Jeep I had to a 4-door. I was nervous about starting the process again. I saw all the Car Pros commercials and they are my local Jeep dealer, so i jumped in and was met my Rick. He handled me with low pressure and he had a great attitude. Rob Kupper hammered out a price close to my budget and when I told him I wanted to think on the deal for a few days, there was no pressure! When Rick called me with a little better number, I was happy to move forward. I did check two other dealers and the pressure they put on me was high. The next day it was all ready to go with a full tank of gas!I finished the deal. John Koon was super nice and my experience with Car Pros Renton was great. In the end, I know every experience can't be perfect but, in the future I will come back to Car Pros and give my recommendation to others! Thanks for the great experience!

Morrie Edwards
Renton, WA

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