I've purchased five Hyundai vehicles from the Renton Hyundai dealership from 2004 to 2013, so I've experienced both Lithia and Car Pros ownership's. First the vehicles. It's hard to ignore the quality and value of Hyundai vehicles and their warranty is an industry benchmark. They are well built, look and run great. Of course they are not BMW or Lexus, that's why I have more money in my pocket after the purchase. Now the dealership. I've gotten to know the various employees under Lithia and Car Pros ownership's and I'm impressed. I've always been treated very well from this dealership buy the sales, parts and service staffs. I've gotten great buys on vehicles and the Service department has said the car doesn't require a particular service even when I thought it did- not every dealership will do that and it's refreshing. The employees know me by name and I trust they have my best interest in mind. I'm a repeat customer and I highly recommend this dealership.

Greg Kisinger
Renton, WA

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