My name is Lisa Johnson. Let’s start out at the beginning… I Google’d Jeeps in my area and came across your company’s web page. I viewed several Jeep Wranglers and decided I would try to apply. I filled out the online application which told me someone would be in contact with me shortly. (I have also done this on other websites; even one said someone would contact me within five minutes. {I received a call 4 days later}) Within 10 minutes, Ashley Watkins called me and asked me a few questions regarding my trade-in and scheduled me an appointment for Saturday. Ashley was an excellent rep, she was extremely nice, knowledgeable and very understanding of my personal credit standing. This weekend (Saturday) I had an appointment at 10am to try to get into a new Jeep. With my credit score being way under par, I wasn't too hopeful. I arrived at Car Pros an hour early. I sat in my car catching up on some work when Andy, came to my window and knock. He introduced himself and shook my hand. I let him know that I was early and did not have an appointment till 10. He let me know that the appointment is with him and we could start  early. I explained (in very little detail) on what I wanted, main point it being a Jeep Wrangler (not Orange). He walked me around the lot until we came across a 4 door blue Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Sport. I looked it over and decided this is the one I wanted. Andy and I took it for a test drive, all while we chatted happily about life stories. Once back at the building we started the haggling over monthly payments, trade in value and down payment. I have to say; I have bought several cars and NEVER once had an experience like this. It is kind of hard to explain, but in other dealers, your sales man was also the “banker person” so they had to play both the happy sales person and the bad banker. At Car Pros Andy would write down my offer and bring it to the “Banker” person behind another counter. The “banker” person got to deal with what the banks provided. This left Andy open to talk freely to me and cordially the entire time. He knew I had what I deemed horrible credit but he didn't treat me any different if I had no credit or exemplary credit. I can sit here and type a short story on my experience, but to sum it all up. Andy was the nicest salesman I ever met. He treated me like I was his only customer and showed that he wanted to help me out. Beginning (9:10) till I drove out (12:00), of course with the Jeep of my dreams. (I spent most of the time walking the lot searching for my car or waiting for financing to be open.) Once I left and got home, I of course Face Book’d all my friends to let them know my experience was in plain, just awesome. Also at my place of business, I have given praise to your dealership. Keep up the good work and please tell Andy “Thank You”.

Lisa Johnson
Tukwila, WA

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