Gary is Awesome!

I wasn't going to even get out of my car, we were going to just drive through the lot because it was raining and I thought I would never get into a nice car. Gary talked me out of my car and got me to look around. I don't have very good credit but he was able to get me into a 2012 Chevy Impala and with the most unbelievable deal in the world! Car Pros is great and Gary has the greatest customer service skills I have seen from a salesperson. He took great care of me, my fiance, and he was great with my son. I didn't feel like i got conned or swindles. Gary and Car Pros are awesome combination  I will recommend them to ALL my friends and family. Thanks to Gary and the car pros team for getting me going in a great family car!

James Nelson and Whitney Hatcher
Tacoma, WA

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