You have honest employees.

Good Morning
I hope this letter reaches the Corporate level, as many times the employees in the field do not receive the recognition they so deserve. First of all, I took my vehicle in 10-3-12, Kia Pro Cars, Carson, California, for it’s second maintenance check.

My day started with a positive conversation with Mr. Alvin “Alabama” Lovett, such a wonderful person. I apologize for not remembering the Service Manager’s name that helped me. The Service Manager retrieved my coupons from my glove compartment and additional services were extended due to my coupons. My vehicle was serviced and so far so good.

This is the most important part of my letter to you.  I put my receipts in the glove compartment and saw I left my bill money in the compartment. I don’t know how many employees had access to my vehicle. But, I do know you have honest employees. It was my fault not remembering to remove the money. Your employees did not take advantage of an oversight on my part  to remove the money. For that, I am very grateful and able to pay my bill. It would have been a financial hardship for me to replace the money. Please commend your employees for being honest as these are difficult times for all. I appreciate the fact my vehicle was entrusted to your employees and returned without any incident.

Debbie Saunders

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