...found us financing and drove away in a new car.

I first heard about Car Pros Kia from a television commercial.  It drew my interest because of the Car Pros reputation.  When they mentioned that they would help someone with credit problems, I figured I would give them a try.  My wife and I had just recently gone through some credit issues due to the bad economy and needed a second car.  When I called Armin, the credit specialist at Kia, he assured me he cold find a solution to our situation. 

When my wife and I took a chance and came down to meet Armin and his staff it was a great experience.  They were so friendly and ready to help we felt we could breathe again.  Armin found us financing and my wife drive away with her new car.  Thanks so much to Armin, Katelyn and Felicia.  Great job and can’t thank you enough.

George Ramirez
La Verne, CA

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