Car Pros Kia was Excellent!

Our experience at Car Pros Kia was excellent!  We had the honor of meeting three wonderfully polite and friendly people, Katelyn, whom introduced us to Felicia Lopez, who then introduced us to Armin Abedi.  We were quite nervous and not sure what to expect, but Felicia and Armin helped put us at ease.  The paperwork was explained by Felicia and then Armin came and sat by us and explained thy rest..  We were shown two cars that fit our budget and Felicia let us take our time to test drive and view them with no pressure.  Our daughter, Lilly was with us and she was comfortable around Felicia and Armin, thus making our experience even better.  Both Felicia and Armin really and truly took the time to listen to us and to help us our, which we really appreciated.  We truly felt truly comfortable at Car Pros Kia and we definitely would recommend this dealership to anyone interested in purchasing a car.  We want to thank Felicia and Armin so much for caring, listening, and helping us to get our family vehicle – you truly are wonderful people.  Thank You!

Michael and Rachelle Bates
Irvine, CA

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