...very best experience possible.

My husband and I had dreams of getting a more reliable vehicle for our large family, but because of our credit situation and lack of down payment we were always turned down.  We got stuck with a less than sightly vehicle with large monthly payments.  This was with a local car lot that took advantage of our situation.  Without any hopes or expectations other than “NO” we came to Car Pros.  Not only did Tim go out of his way to help us get into the van of our dreams, but he helped us wash our hands of and get out from underneath the “other guys” vehicle. 

Now we can drive down the road with confidence and self-assurance that our family will be safe and our vehicle will last us many happy years.  Thank you so much to Tim and the other staff for helping us and for taking the time to care about our needs.  I would recommend Car Pros to anyone looking for the very best experience possible.

Teresa Pablo
Spanaway, WA

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