"Well....seems like Car Pros Kia needs to shape up their sales team really badly. We had a great experience last year when we purchased our car there. So not sure what had happened after that.

However, I have to give this 5 stars to their SERVICE DEPARTMENT. My car was not functioning normal and it would not start so I called their service department and talked to Troy. He immediately gave me the road side assistance # to call. The operator at the road side assistance center was very polite and thorough. Then, I received a text with the TOW service company information and estimated arrival time.

Tow service came in 40 minutes and the center called to follow up and make sure that the tow truck was there on time.
Then I got a call from Troy informed me about the condition of my car and updates of the issues. In a few hours time, I had received 2 calls from Troy with the updates and informed me that the car is ready.

Their service made my awful car problem not so awful....however, great service department will not generate sales for the company. Car Pros Kia needs to listen to the negative comments...they are the ones who can help you grow and improve."

Brenda L.
Irvine, CA.

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