"I Stopped Going To EZ Lube Because of Martha At Carson"

"I scheduled an appointment for 8:45am and came in 20 minutes early. Martha (The Red Team) immediately assisted me and checked in my car. She explained the car still had warranty and I just needed to make sure to keep up with the maintenance to avoid voiding the warranty. (That is why I came to the dealer because I no longer trust Ez-Lube, they kept asking for too many things). Martha then explained that she will be checking for any recalls (thankfully nothing came up).

I waited in the showroom area. They have free coffee and vending machines. The seats were comfortable and the TV was on. I also noticed a small children's play area but this morning thank goodness no children were around.

I became worried because my car was not taken to the back until 9:20am. About 9:35-45am, I was called and Martha explained the needed services. (I know I was overdue for a few ::yikes::) Martha clarified what was needed and what could wait. I asked how long will the services take and she was honest and gave me a 1hr+ wait. I then asked if I could come back another day to complete the other services as I explained to her I had pending appointments and she offered me the loaner car. Honestly, I was impressed with the service. Also, Martha during the consultation assured me my vehicle is in great conditions and assured me I made a good pre-used purchase."

Laura C.
Torrence, CA.

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