"I Know Kim, Wes And Troy Will Take Care Of Me."

Hello, I am Phyllis M. Geisert,
     In the last month I have had issues that I brought to the attention to Troy, Wes. Kim and Noah.  I brought my car in for a CD Player issue that they corrected immediately.  While having that corrected, I decided to have my oil changed that was due to my car.  Along with that, they did a several point check and recommendations that I need to consider for future reference that was quite helpful.  I decided to wait until after the holidays and my birthday in January to start on these suggestions.  One of the suggestions was my battery was registering low, but I thought that it could wait also.  Well, on December 27th my battery decided to go out on me, which led to me calling AAA to start my car from a dead position.  I then immediately went searching my thoughts for a new battery not being able to turn my car off.  I called Car Pros Kia service department and talked to Kim.  He said they had one battery in stock for my car and would hold it for me.  This was at approximately 4:00 PM.  I started towards their service department from Westminster, CA. and got on the freeway that was totally backed up from an accident.  I then got off the freeway quickly and went surface streets.  I arrived at the service department approximately 4:45PM and they were all waiting for me.  Troy, Kim, Wes and Noah who changed my battery. Noah stayed beyond the time he should have left at 5:00PM to change my battery.  He changed it and made sure every thing was accurately reading in my car.  I felt so special, relieved and assured that these gentlemen in this service department would be there for me under any circumstance regarding my 2006 Kia Spectra 5 that I love do dearly.  I will highly recommend this Sales and Service to everyone I know. It was always very important to me when purchasing a new car that the service department will take care of me and my car.  From my past experience, I know that Troy, Wes, Kim and Noah will do this for all of the customers at Car Pros Huntington Beach. 

Have a very Happy New Year!
From your very happy satisfied customer,
Phyllis M. Geisert

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