"Great Service From Sierra At Huntington Beach Kia"

"Sierra, thank you again for all you did for me! I so appreciate it. I love my Sportage! Tell Mario that I was listening to the country music he set up for me on the way home, letting it reverberate loudly throughout the car, when all of a sudden there were a series of clicks and my radio went dead quiet. I thought to myself "OMG, the radio just went out!". Then I heard Neil's voice throughout the car (he was somewhere behind me on the 91 freeway) saying "I HATE THE *@!*%$ 91 Freeway!" After my heart started beating again, I realized he had called me on the cell phone, which Mario and the tech guy got set up for us before we left. :)

Tell them for me how much I appreciate all of you. I wish I lived closer so I could bring it back in for service and get to see you guys once in awhile. It was a great car buying experience!

Have a wonderful Christmas and the very best of new years!"

Karen R.
Huntington Beach, CA.

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