"We Enjoyed And Appreciated Our Buying Experience"

Jeremy: It's been about a month now since Jackie and I purchased our 2011 Spicey Red Kia Optima EX from Car Pros! We both wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed and appreciated our buying experience on this wonderful new vehicle that we are proud owners of. You were very attentive and courteous as we asked our questions and had you demonstrate how to operate various functions of the vehicle! Jackie loves the way it drives, handles, and we're already getting nearly 34 m.p.g.!
We've had several inquiring comments about both the car and where we purchased. We are definitely letting people know! Please feel free to use this email as an endorsement of the buying experience and your willingness to "go the extra mile" for us. We will happily accept any inquiries you may wish to direct our way for any of your potential customers.

On a larger scale, I really feel this car will be the flagship vehicle for Kia's 2011 lineup!

Roy G
Centralia, WA

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