"Helen Treats Everybody With True Respect"

"Helen Kahsay is the asst service mgr at Car Pros Kia on S. Tacoma Way. I have never met a more professional, intelligent, expediant or accomodating employee in my life. Helen KNOWS me..she KNOWS my car and she truly cares about me and my car. That attitude is truly refreshing in this day of  hit and miss customer service. I'm not special either. I've watched Helen with other customers and no matter who they were or even what kind of attitude they may have...Helen treats everyone with true respect. Clearly you guys don't pay her enough, because she is the main reason I continue to use the service center at carpros. I have a number of options for car care and I choose to come to you BECAUSE of Helen Kahsay. Please make sure that this is forwarded to the powers that be."

Yours truly,
Misa S.

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