"He Never Pushes, He Understands"

Mr. Phillips & Alabama:
So sorry that it has taken me a few days to say "thanks" to your amazing, dedicated and professional staff. I came up to Car Pros early on Black Friday. I came up to Car Pros after doing the rounds at the various car lots and then just as I was thinking everything was going against me, there it was in your lot, my car was
waiting for me.
I came up to Car Pros with a hole in my heart. I lost my husband 3 months ago at the age of 60 with a heart attack who worked for the County of LA for 30 years. My daughter just had another baby which I know I am now going to feed and clothe for the rest of the baby's life and then I got into an accident by someone running a Stop sign and taking all I had left which was my car on 11/14/09. I was broke, so my sister came up with my down payment. Then I had the good fortune of running into
quite a Southern gentleman, a Sales Rep of yours, Alabama. I do not have the words to describe the kindness and caring and concern he showed while fully understanding my situation and the little money I had. The paperwork went through by other members of your staff and we wrote the down payment. Alabama is a credit to your business. He never pushes, he understands and works with what he has and what the customer has available to work with, he makes the whole car buying experience a pleasant one. All
I can say is "Wow" - what a cool dealership...keep up the good work it makes you look good, so good. Kindness heals!!!!!!!!It really does.

Roz J.

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