"He Understood Our Circumstances"

"We came into today just to look for a car. Just to look. When we pulled up we were talking about how we hated it when car salesmen bombard you right when you get out of your car. We were guessing who would be the first one to make us mad. I saw Kelle Kanno out fo the corner of my eye and thought, "Great, here he comes." I was completely wrong! Kelle is wonderful. He got that we had bad credit and we needed to spend as little as we possibly could. He also helped explain the dealership, loan cars and fishing. Instead of making us mad and putting his nose up when he saw our credit, he helped us out, made jokes and talked fishing. I will tell everyone we know that needs a car to come down to car pros Kia and talk to Kelle or anyone else down there. Everybody is so friendly and willing to work with you.

Dani D.
Graham, WA

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