"They Gave Me The Deal I Saw Advertised Without Hassle"

I have actually used this dealership to purchase 2 Kia's and I also used their service dept.

I purchased a Kia Rio with them that I saw on their TV commercial for $2k less than I was able to find at the 3 other Kia dealerships I went to. Not to mention that I spend only about 30 min at Car Pros Kia before driving my new car off the lot and I spent 2 HOURS at one of the other Kia dealers and didn't even buy from them!

Two years later I decided to get a slightly larger car and opted for a Spectra and again, about an hour later they gave me the deal I saw advertised without any hassles and I drove off the lot with the rebate cash they advertised and $0 down!

I have since been into their service dept. for both cars and had the regular oil changes and tune ups done there. The service dept is always very nice, they are very informative and let me know what to expect up front. If there are any concerns (like my timing belt that was about to go out) they let me know the consequences of letting something like that go, let me know the cost and allow me to make an informed decision prior to them doing the work... which I thoroughly appreciate, I have been duped by auto shops before that choose to do additional work and then surprise me with a larger than expected bill. No surprises with the Car Pros Kia service dept though.

I would recommend their sales and service departments to anyone.

Mel B.
Olympia, WA.

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