"Listened To My Daughter's Needs And Wants"

My daughter and I would like to express our appreciation for the professional service we received while purchasing a pre-owned 2007 Sportage.

Our personal thanks to Marwan... for insuring that we would receive his utmost concern and care in making the day pleasant and happy for us.
Mr. Joseph "Art" Salah was our sales consultant. A well versed man about the Kia, who listened to my daughter's needs and wants and promptly directed us towards what he knew she wanted. My daughter and myself were impressed with him and liked his way of working out the perfect sale for us. Definite asset to your staff.

Finance put the final touches on everything by explaining the finances and contract. Answered all questions and most of all, quick and efficient.

We will be recommending your dealership to friends, family and business associates.

Thanks for the happy and joyful time in making car buying a pleasure.

The Downing Family
Carson, CA.

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