In early March I saw the new Suzuki Kizashi on NW motor trends and was blown away by how far Suzuki's have come. I did some research online and everything I saw made me want to test drive it more and more, so finally, one day, I happened to be going into Tacoma, I live in Graham and didn't want to make a special trip just to go play with a car, my wife would shoot me. BUT, I had a good excuse, I had a physical therapy appt in downtown Tacoma :) I know that there aren't many Suzuki dealerships around but I remembered seeing a Tacoma Suzuki in my online research. So I called 411 to see if I could get the address and they transferred me to the store. I was waiting for a typical sales person to answer and try to sell me the car and run my credit and push push push. To my suprise, a very sweet girl by the name of Jennifer answered. I asked for the address which she kindly provided and asked me if I planned on coming in today. I told her I did, I told her I just want to LOOK at and possibly drive the Kizashi since I would be in the area, she said that is fine, come on in, we have several and if you have any questions just come inside and ask for Twin. Painless enough, no hard sales tactics pushed at me right off the bat....

So after my PT, I stopped by the car lot. I drove thru the cars not wanting to get out of my car to get chased down by a sales person, and even when you stay in your car they usually still follow your car. I was suprised that after looping myself thru the lot that there were no sales people tailing me, so I decided to park and risk getting out. Once I parked, the sales guys inside took note of me thru the window and one of them came out and introduced himself as Twin, I told him who I was and he said, oh yeah, Jennifer told me you would be coming in to look at the Kizashi's, let me know if you have any questions, we have several of them on the lot and gestured where to find them, then he went back inside! I couldn't believe he was letting me do what I wanted to do, just look by myself!

So I proceeded to look at the different styles of the Kizashi and sat in a few and played with the features. I convinced myself I needed to take a test drive. So I went in to the store and told Twin I wanted to take a test drive in the silver one. After cruising around, I wanted to play with all the buttons while the car was on, Twin patiently waited while I tinkered for about 10 minutes. Knowing my wife would be unhappy if I decided to make an impulse purchase I asked a few more questions about rebates and deals and was reluctant to leave, which Twin picked up on. He put me in an over night test drive to take it home to the wife. As soon as I got home I of course got the evil eyes and the silent treatment until I explained I didn't purchase anything without her, I was bringing it home to her to see for herself. That night we took it out to joy ride a bit, turns out my wife liked it just as much as I did. Long story short, she agreed that we could get it as long as we split it, she got to drive it half the week, and I got the other half. The next day we went back in. The numbers that I had mentioned to Twin the night before about our financial constraints were already figured out and on paper, apparently he was much more attentive than I gave him credit for, he had noted down what I told him I was willing to spend per month, how much I would pay for the vehicle overall based on my online research and how much I was willing to put down. I was shocked, it was really as simple as filling in the blanks and driving it home!

This dealership showed that you can use non-pushy sales tactics, still be attentive to the customer without hovering and still close a sale. All other dealerships should take a note from these guys, very well done!

I am loving my new Kizashi and I even had followup calls from their customer care department to see if there was anything they could have done better. Over the top service. THANK YOU!!!

D. Garber
Graham, WA

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